Carly Siciliano

‘X-ray vision’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Carly Siciliano / Model: Lewis Macmaster / Make-up Artist: Jess Nichols
X-ray vision: 1/6
X-ray vision: 2/6
X-ray vision: 3/6
X-ray vision: 4/6
X-ray vision: 5/6
X-ray vision: 6/6

Carly Siciliano ‘X-ray vision’

Melbourne based photographer, Carly Siciliano presents a 70’s retro tomboy themed series shot on 35mm film.

“Not to my knowing, the film had been damaged by airport security x-rays from traveling so much this summer, lol. But that’s the magic/tragic of film!”



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