Francisco Alustiza

‘XY 2020’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Francisco Alustiza / Talent Agency: Christina Roig / Model: Jazmyne Joy / Model: Yvesmark Cherry / Stylist: Andi Ospina / Make-up Artist: Raiza Gonzalez Montes
XY 2020: 1/8
XY 2020: 2/8
XY 2020: 3/8
XY 2020: 4/8
XY 2020: 5/8
XY 2020: 6/8
XY 2020: 7/8
XY 2020: 8/8

Francisco Alustiza ‘XY 2020’

Its a pleasure to introduce you to Puerto Rican contemporary artist Francisco Alustiza who has dedicated his career to creating organically beautiful & fashion-focused digital photos. Today he brings us his stunning debut series centred around togetherness entitled ‘XY2020’.

“This project arose spontaneously during New York Fashion week of 2019. The team had initially met each other the day before these photographs were taken through chance & decided to convene the next day for an impromptu creative collaboration. The stylist chose the clothes based on the team’s serendipitous meeting & therefore selected specific pieces which would unite the models in some form or another to always be linked. E.g. the Y-3 Plain set which encompasses both models, the R-3 Cashmere Coat which makes both models inseparable & the mint green ensembles to colour coordinate between Yves & Jaz making them a complementary set.

The models organically flowed under the direction of Coco Alustiza (Photographer) & focused their body language to embody the notion of “connection” which accounts for why in each image they were captured touching, hugging or directing their gaze at one another. Alustiza described the shoot’s location in Chelsea NY as “the team’s playground”. The city’s energy during this season also affected the process as passersby could witness the unused garments hanging from street signs, fences & trees taking the place of the clothes rack which would normally have been used. The outcome of the shoot demonstrates synchronicity, the importance of comradery & togetherness, as well as how chance encounters can lead to beautiful connections.”

Wardrobe; Y-3, R13, Jean Paul Gaultier, Diesel, Philip Lim.



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