Savannah Castranda

‘Yak chaser’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

18 photographs.
Photographer: Savannah Castranda / Model: Abigail VanSteenberghe
Yak chaser: 1/18
Yak chaser: 2/18
Yak chaser: 3/18
Yak chaser: 4/18
Yak chaser: 5/18
Yak chaser: 6/18
Yak chaser: 7/18
Yak chaser: 8/18
Yak chaser: 9/18
Yak chaser: 10/18
Yak chaser: 11/18
Yak chaser: 12/18
Yak chaser: 13/18
Yak chaser: 14/18
Yak chaser: 15/18
Yak chaser: 16/18
Yak chaser: 17/18
Yak chaser: 18/18

Savannah Castranda ‘Yak chaser’

Im shooting this afternoon & I can always rely on analogue photographer, Savannah Castranda for the most beautiful inspiration.

“I drove about 2 1/2 hours to see her & to take a few photos. A couple shots turned into 3 completed rolls of 24-36. It was a dream, & this girl showed me that photography is not just a photo, it’s a language. She ran through Thorne filled fields & we chased after Sheep & yaks with poo up to our thighs by the end.”



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