Casie Wendel

‘Yesterday’s tomorrow’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Casie Wendel / Model: Mindy Yoon / Stylist: Casie Wendel
Yesterday’s tomorrow: 1/5
Yesterday’s tomorrow: 2/5
Yesterday’s tomorrow: 3/5
Yesterday’s tomorrow: 4/5
Yesterday’s tomorrow: 5/5

Casie Wendel ‘Yesterday’s tomorrow’

Casie Wendel takes her latest muse to an Airbnb in Joshua Tree for her latest series.

“We woke up to an amazingly lit space which was retro-future themed which inspired us & allowed us to play around most of the day. Shot on a mix of film & digital.”

#joshuatree #california #america #unitedstates #desert #vintage #retro #film #analog #analogue #dressups



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