Logan Delaney

‘You’re My Yellow’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Logan Delaney / Model: Hobbes Ginsberg
You’re My Yellow: 1/6
You’re My Yellow: 2/6
You’re My Yellow: 3/6
You’re My Yellow: 4/6
You’re My Yellow: 5/6
You’re My Yellow: 6/6

Logan Delaney ‘You’re My Yellow’

Los Angeles based filmmaker & photographer, Logan Delaney presents the first instalment from his on going series ‘You’re My Yellow’.

“The series revolves  around the colour Yellow & it’s correlation with pure joy, platonic love, & how the support & love of friends & family brought me out of a serious bout of depression, anxiety & uncertainty.

The shoot day was pretty easy going. I chose Hobbes because she has a great look for abstract photos & her overall personal style is amazing. We met up in Silverlake, & with literally no direction or extensive planning, we walked around & explored the hilly areas. With this sort of shoot I knew what I wanted something organic & not too posey & forced. We explored, found some slight instances of Yellow & some nice foliage for texture, & for the most part I let Hobbes do her thing & express herself.

To me that’s what film is all about. The more organic looking the shots look on film the better. You don’t need the most expensive equipment, the most lavish locales, & you don’t always need hours of shoot time & planning to create beautiful imagery.”



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