Martina Hache


by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Martina Hache / Model: Tony Perlo / Model: Eva Ruiz / Stylist: Isabel Bolfan / Stylist: Tony Perlo / Location: The Art Valley
Youth: 1/15
Youth: 2/15
Youth: 3/15
Youth: 4/15
Youth: 5/15
Youth: 6/15
Youth: 7/15
Youth: 8/15
Youth: 9/15
Youth: 10/15
Youth: 11/15
Youth: 12/15
Youth: 13/15
Youth: 14/15
Youth: 15/15

Martina Hache ‘Youth’

Excited to introduce you to a brand new contributor out of Madrid with ‘Youth’ by Martina Hache.

“We decided to use costumes inspired by the 90’s, since we were all born in that decade. Youngsters from nowadays, we start to go out in the world & try to find our place in a society that changes everyday.”

Brands featured: Nike, Calzedonia, Asos, Levis, Adidas, Brandy Melville.



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