Igor Iden

‘Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
21 photographs.
Photographer: Igor Iden / Art director: Igor Gareev  / Art director: Vlada Ivanova  / Model: Igor Gareev  / Model: Vlada Ivanova  / Model: Danil Bely
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 1/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 2/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 3/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 4/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 5/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 6/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 7/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 8/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 9/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 10/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 11/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 12/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 13/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 14/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 15/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 16/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 17/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 18/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 19/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 20/21
Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW): 21/21

Igor Iden ‘Zoo Bahnhof (SOTW)’

Inspired by his Moscow surroundings, Igor Iden brings us a bold & powerful debut series.

“Living with drugs can diverse, especially if the effect is on the fragile, not fully formed teenager or even a child body. The euphoria felt by a softer drug, then through the nose, & then through a vein. Now you are addicted. In the race for it, not everyone reaches the finish line. Your most important relationships are lost, you are at risk of losing everything. Who’s guilty? It’s not the children, but the society that creates an environment that puts the children at risk of becoming addicted.”

Wardrobe; Blinova, Not Today, Ssanaya Tryapka, Zachem Brand, AzArt, The Lucky Jacket.



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