Cult & Harper

‘Party snaps’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

30 photographs.
Location: Cult & Harper / Photographer: Ainsley Hutchence S&S
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Cult & Harper ‘Party snaps’

Sitting in a cafe in Adelaide CBD rn sipping herbal tea, feeling way too high on fun memories from last night to pay any attention to an inevitable hangover.

Musician, Jarrad Jackson & artist, Lisa King gave birth to their love child last night in the form of a specialty store, gallery & photography/artist studio based in Port Adelaide. Only this child didn’t come out all needy & helpless. This child ripped open its mumma’s vagina & came out running, kicking ass from the get go, leaving the huge turn out feeling as though this place had been established for years. They named their baby CULT & HARPER.

I realise now I was way too busy having fun to take lots of pics.

I have been to Adelaide twice & both times have been up there with the most rememberable & fun times of my travels. It’s a little removed from the warm, coastal environment that I’m used to, but the poeple here are fucking incredible & any sense of home sickness is completely diminished the minute you make friends. & this place is full of friendly faces!

Adelaide, thank you for making my time here fucking great! Particularly those featured in these pics 🙂

Cannot wait to see you again.

So much love,
Ains xxx

Special thanks to MAJESTIC MINIMA HOTEL for having me for a sleepover last night!!!



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