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Methadon: 7/7 Methadon: 7/7

Rogier Alexander ‘Methadon’

Rogier Alexander brings us new stunning work & is quickly becoming one of my favourite contributors 🙂

I have withheld my fave shots for our first ever printed edition to be released in May this year in the form of a rad af hardcover coffee table book. It will be a “Hair” issue in light of the many hair issues we have had along the way since the birth of Sticks & Stones. One of them you can read about here (that time Instagram deleted our account because some girls had hairs on their bikini lines!!! I know, how can real women ever have body hair!? We say fuck you to all of those bullshit beauty standards that tell women they aren’t already perfect in their natural form. Here, with the help of our incredible contributors, we celebrate natural beauty & realness on a daily basis & we are so excited to give this imagery a shelf life (which will be the title of our forthcoming & ongoing hardcover print issues).

Stay tuned for updates & send your “Hair” submissions to Always love looking at your amazing work!



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