Weirdo (NSFW): 1/8 Weirdo (NSFW): 1/8
Weirdo (NSFW): 2/8 Weirdo (NSFW): 2/8
Weirdo (NSFW): 3/8 Weirdo (NSFW): 3/8
Weirdo (NSFW): 4/8 Weirdo (NSFW): 4/8
Weirdo (NSFW): 5/8 Weirdo (NSFW): 5/8
Weirdo (NSFW): 6/8 Weirdo (NSFW): 6/8
Weirdo (NSFW): 7/8 Weirdo (NSFW): 7/8
Weirdo (NSFW): 8/8 Weirdo (NSFW): 8/8

Sander Dekker ‘Weirdo (NSFW)’

Sander Dekker brings us new work out of Brooklyn & we are just as inspired by his fun quirky imagery as his gorgeous muse Jennifer.

“I always hope that my photos match my subject’s personality, & this was certainly the case with Jennifer. There was something special about this girl. Growing up in the southern United States, Jennifer’s parents needed to protect their daughter from a culture that contrasted sharply to their own loving & hippie ways. Racism, sexism & homophobia were the order of the day. Her dad, a rock-&-roll kind of guy, used to sell comic books at the local flea markets. A passion that Jennifer clearly inherited. Her love of comics from the seventies, with drugs, sex & humour as recurring subjects, can be found everywhere in the apartment. Adding to this challenging environment, she was born with the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), which usually means a wheelchair-bound life. But her father did not give up & accompanied her with years of physical therapy & lifted her up in little leg braces. When she finally started walking, he immediately put her on roller skates so she could experience moving around freely & easily for the first time. Jennifer’s personality is a cocktail of all these experiences of her childhood, & it makes her the extraordinary person that she is today. Energetic, creative, & free of mind, with a little dark edge. But who wants to be normal anyway. I love her for it!”

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